16 Types Of Base Oils For Skincare (Benefits & Usage)

Base oils, which are also known as carrier oils, are usually extracted from the seeds, fruits, and nuts of various plants, are commonly used as the base oil for skincare products. They are not volatile and are referred to as fixed oils because they do not have the same properties as essential oils.

Essential oils and base oils have different properties. The former can be used on the skin, while the latter cannot.

Unrefined oils, which are referred to as “cold-pressed,” “expeller expressed,” or “unrefined,” are often labeled as organic. These oils can be stored in the refrigerator or a cool pantry. Be aware of the smell of rancid oil, which can have an “off” odor, and avoid using it if you suspect it to be toxic.

The base or carrier oils used in your products will make a huge difference in how they smell and feel. There are hundreds of different types of oils available, but I’ve listed my favorite ones below.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a versatile ingredient that can be used in skincare products. It’s extracted from the seeds of almonds, which are typically pressed with minimal heat. This oil is then protected from the harmful chemicals used to make refined products.

Although refined almond oil is more heat-resistant, it may not have the same nutritional value as its raw counterparts. This is because it’s also called sweet almond oil instead of bitter almond oil.

Almond oil is a light and nutritious oil that can be used to nourish and tone the skin. It has a pleasant odor and can be used to treat various skin conditions.

Apricot Kernel Oil

The humble apricot has a long history in various beauty and health products. According to Chinese tradition, an ancient doctor named Dong Feng believed that their benefits were significant. He told his patients to only plant one single kernel of fruit for their health. In later years, his patients started producing a huge amount of fruit for his medicine.

One of my favorite carrier oils is Apricot kernel oil, which has a non-oily feel and is ideal for sensitive skin. Its pleasant odor also helps keep the skin feeling fresh.

Argan Oil

The argan tree, which grows in the Moroccan high desert, is the source of oil from which is made. Until recently, the oil was rarely found outside the region where it grows. Due to the hard work of local women, the tree was able to be sustainably harvested and grown. This oil is then used as a skincare product.

Argan oil is rich in natural compounds such as squalene, tocopherols, and fatty acids, which can help improve the appearance of skin and reduce wrinkles. It can also be used as a treatment for various skin conditions, such as acne and fine lines.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive and can be hard to find. I am also happy that the women’s cooperatives are doing such a good job preserving the trees, but I think it is a little bit over-valued.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a type of cooking oil that’s extracted from the pulp of the fruit. This makes it unique among the oils made from plants. Although it’s derived from a fruit, it’s still considered a vegetable oil, which means it can be used in cooking.

High in nutrients, avocado oil is ideal for people with dry and aging skin. It can also help nourish and protect the skin. It does not penetrate the skin as easily as lighter oils, and it is not recommended for oily skin types.

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Castor Oil

This oil, which is extracted from the castor plant, is commonly used for treating various ailments. It is not used for cooking, though it has an excellent reputation for being a medicinal oil.

Although it is known for its cosmetic properties, castor oil is also useful for skincare. It can be used in compresses to dissolve tumors and cysts, and it is also good for treating various skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis.

Cocoa Butter

The fat that’s extracted from the cacao bean is known as cocoa butter. This is a thick and solid fat that can be used in various food and beverage products. Its scent can be heavenly, though it may not always be desirable in some products.

One of the richest oils available, cocoa butter can be used in various skincare and cosmetic products, though it should be used sparingly in certain formulations. On the flip side, it can be used in personal lubricants and body care products. Aside from its creamy properties, cocoa butter can also help nourish and tone the skin.

Coconut Oil

The coconut pulp is pressed into semisolid oil, which liquefies at temperatures higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This oil is commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Long regarded as a natural oil for its protective properties, coconut oil is also used for its beauty benefits.

A rich and creamy oil, coconut oil is known to be an excellent carrier for various skincare products. It’s also a good choice for hair care and is sometimes used as a moisturizer. Unlike other oils, it does not have a thick or fatty consistency, making it ideal for most skin types.

Grapeseed Oil

Light green liquid oil is a great alternative to harsh chemicals used in skincare products. It comes from the seeds of grapes, which are typically treated with herbicides. Since it’s grown on land that’s been sprayed with herbicides, it can be used safely.

Although it’s commonly referred to as a non-oily oil, grapeseed oil is actually very mild and can be easily absorbed by the skin. It’s a great alternative to products that contain heavy oils.

Jojoba Oil

The oil derived from the nuts of a desert-dwelling plant in the American Southwest is referred to as Jojoba. Unlike other oils, it does not require refrigeration to keep its natural properties. This natural oil has a similar structure to our sebum, which can be stored for a long time.

One of the most prized oils for use in natural skincare products is Jojoba, which is known for its ability to nourish and protect the skin. It is commonly used in various skincare products such as creams, body oils, and lip balms.

Kukui Nut Oil

This rich oil is extracted from the small nuts of the candlenut tree, which is the state tree of Hawaii.

Kukui nut oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and linoleic acid that Kukui can be used to nourish and heal the skin. It can also be used as an ingredient in various skin care products, such as body butter and lip balms.

Macadamia Nut Oil

This oil is made from the nuts of the macadamia tree. Unlike coconut oil, it has a clear and light yellow appearance. It is known to contain high levels of potassium and fatty acids. It can be used in various cosmetic products that are designed to smooth and nourish the skin. In its cold-pressed form, macadamia oil can be used as cooking oil or a hair-styling product. It can also be used in various skincare products such as facial creams and hair masks.

Like jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil is very similar to human sebum, which makes it incredibly easy to absorb into the skin. It’s also healing and protective, and it can be used to treat scars and damaged skin. This oil is also a great addition to various skincare products, such as body butter and lip balms. I have a slight addiction to this oil, and it’s one of my favorites when it comes to cooking and skincare.

Olive Oil

According to Homer, the Mediterranean is known for its “liquid gold.” One of the most prized oils in the world is olive oil, which is produced from both unripe and ripe olives. Although both types of oil can be used, be careful with the quality.

Extra virgin olive oil is typically the first pressing, while virgin olive oil is the second. These two types of oils are the best when it comes to quality. However, the third pressing, which is also called olive oil, is not as good.

Good quality olive oil is known to nourish and improve the skin of most people. It is also beneficial for those with dry and mature skin. However, it can be very difficult to remove the rich olive odor from one’s skincare products due to their thick and heavy content.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seeds are often pressed from the petals of wild roses, such as the Rosa rubiginosa. This oil is very sensitive to heat and can be stored in the refrigerator. Most of the commercial seed oil that’s coming from South America is of good quality, but it should be stored in the fridge.

Rosehip oil is a rich, natural skincare oil that is known for its ability to nourish and regenerate damaged and prematurely aged skin. It is also known to help stimulate cell regeneration.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

The seeds, berries, and leaves of the sea buckthorn plant are used to extract its oil. It’s a natural ingredient that can help nourish and tone the skin. According to Corey Hartman, a board-certified dermatologist, this oil is also known to contain various nutrients and minerals.

Aside from being beneficial for the skin, sea buckthorn oil can also help lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. According to Purvisha Patel, a dermatologist, this oil can also help lower the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil is known for its ability to nourish and protect the skin. It can be used for treating various skin conditions, such as burns and damaged skin.

Sesame Seed Oil

This oil is commonly used in Indian practices and is referred to as the queen of oils. It can also be used for various healing and massage techniques.

High levels of nutrients and antioxidants are known to be found in sesame seed oil, which can be used in various skincare products such as creams and massage oils. Its light penetrating properties can also be used in natural sunscreen recipes.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a semisolid yellow oil that’s extracted from the nuts of the Karite tree. It has a strong scent and is commonly used for cosmetic purposes. Most people prefer the refined version, which is made by pressing the butter.

This natural butter is commonly used for treating scars and skin that has been damaged. It can also be used for preventing harsh weather conditions from affecting the delicate skin on the knees and elbows.

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